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      Jibbitz Charms for Shoes

      Put your own personal touch on your favorite pair of Crocs to make them more personalized! Your little ones can add Jibbitz™ of their favorite characters, Dads can add Jibbitz™ of their favorite sports, and Moms can add jewels. You can even add a flag from your favorite place around the world! The best part is, these shoe charms are so easy to take on and off, you can switch your shoe charms every day. Looking for the perfect pair of shoes to put your new Jibbitz™ on? Shop our collection of shoes that accept Jibbitz™ and classic Crocs today!

      What are Jibbitz?

      Jibbitz are shoe charms you can easily add to Crocs shoes to accessorize and create a truly unique look. These shoe charms come in a variety of colors, shapes, and styles, so there's something for everyone.

      How do I put Jibbitz on Crocs?

      Jibbitz can be easily popped into place by supporting the top of the shoe with one hand, then pushing the Jibbitz base through the hole with your other hand.

      How do I remove Jibbitz?

      To remove a Jibbitz from your Crocs, simply push the base of the Jibbitz out of the hole while pulling the Jibbitz from the top.

      Do Jibbitz fit all Crocs?

      Jibbitz fit all Crocs shoes that contain holes in the top of the shoe. That includes most clogs, sandals, slides, and even boots!

      How many Jibbitz can fit on a Croc?

      For our Classic Clog, you can fit up to 13 Jibbitz per shoe. That's 26 total Jibbitz holes per pair of Classic Crocs! The amount of Jibbitz you can fit on a Croc depends on the shoe.

      Jibbitz Charms for Shoes, Sandals, & Clogs

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